Welcome to the Ambience Systems Blog! July 17 2014, 0 Comments

  Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome to the Ambience Systems Blog!

I was incredibly excited when Ginny, Paul and Meagan, the talented team at Ambience Systems, approached me asking if I would like to be a guest blogger for their new website. I am a design enthusiast, with a formal Degree in Interior Architecture.

The world is full of incredible spaces and products; this blog will be a means of celebrating it all. I believe spatial design above everything else needs to function, to serve a purpose in its context and provide a service for its users. However, my definition of ‘function’ includes the creation of ambience. Ambience changes behavior; it comforts, seduces, inspires and can drive efficiency. Ambience Systems embodies these qualities, with fourteen years of experience in the Queenstown Lakes area as proof.   

Recently opening a new showroom on Gorge Road, Ambience Systems provides a high-end service in Lighting Design, Lighting Supply, Furniture Supply, Consultancy, Project Management, Automation Systems and custom fixtures. These regular posts will not only be a source of Design inspiration but a fixture of lighting and automation knowledge.  Be sure to check out next weeks ‘Project Files’ and ‘Design Crush of the Week’. 

Please write on the Ambience Systems Facebook page with any Design topics or questions you would like covered. 

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