The Legal Stuff

The Legal Stuff


AVL Limited, hereafter known as Ambience Systems, a lighting supplier of quality global brands would like to point out the following,
Ambience Systems in the first instance attempts to source product from the New Zealand distributor
If this offer of additional sales is turned down by the distributor we generally source from a secondary New Zealand supplier
In the third instance we source from a reputable global buying house.
In all instances the branded product we sell is 100% genuine and 100% legitimate.
They are not copies or counterfeits and we are still bound and the purchaser is still covered by the consumer guarantees act and the fair trading act.


Parallel importing was made legal by the New Zealand Government in 1998 and an authentic or patented product can be imported into New Zealand without the permission of the intellectual property owner. Ambience Systems is not an authorized reseller of some of the branded products we sell nor do we purport to be.
Ambience Systems does not claim to own, or have license to any trade marks of the branded products we sell, additionally
“A registered trade mark is not infringed by the use of the trade mark  ( including use for the purposes of advertising ) in relation to the goods that have been put on the market anywhere in the world under that trade mark”


Ambience Systems abides by all New Zealand Laws with respect to the sale of goods. All copyrights for the brands we sell belong to the specific brand manufacturer. Ambience Systems does not claim to have copyright or license to our branded products that we sell.
An object, including a photo imported into New Zealand is not infringing copy if it was made by the owner of the copyright.


We have used photographs obtained from the public domain and under no circumstances the New Zealand Distributors website. The New Zealand Distributor does not have copyright of internationally sourced goods.  If however a we receive a notice from the original brand manufacturer ( not the New Zealand Distributor ) regarding using one of their photos to promote their goods we will remove it and replace it with a photo of our own.


If we were allowed access to goods via the sole appointed New Zealand Distributor and that they provided for fair internationally accepted pricing parallel importing would not be necessary. Parallel importing was made legal specifically so these sole appointed distributors would not be able to control markets and local pricing, so by supporting us, you the consumer will benefit.


Copyright act 1994, Trade Marks act 2002, New Zealand Government website on Parallel importing. The Patents Act 1953