"For the love of beer.” 

That quote actually is about wine, but then we love beer too, so we changed it!

The Europeans are the beer masters and thus we looked to Europe for the dispensing machines that represent the best in both technology and quality. 

We looked for a dispenser that was actually made in Europe, not just designed there. We looked to countries that have a beer culture where the people making the product had a vested and proud interest in the product

We found Lindr, a family owned company that employs over 100 people in the Czech Republic.

Technically, the Lindr machines have the smallest foot print of any comparable litre per hour alternative, that mixed with the use of only certified materials and  quality of production guarantee high quality, high reliability, long working life and great design.                                                           

Ambience Systems now imports and supplies Dry Coolers for beer, wine and other beverages. From 20 litres  per hour to 300 liters, enjoy your beverage instantly cooled to your liking. Under bench and above bench, permanent and portable we can provide you with a machine that suits your requirements.