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Lighting Supply

Starting with a consultation to discuss your ideas and needs, we can design and specify the lighting throughout the residence. That combined with total project management will see your new home meet and exceed your expectations. A good lighting design will integrate science, art and illumination design.
Ambience Systems strives to provide you with unique experience to personalise your space and provide excellence and good quality brands that you know and can trust. Ambience Systems itself is an award winning company and has been featured multiple times in Trends Magazine (Trends House) including The Kelvin Heights House seen on TV 3 The Art of the Architect.  
The Oliver House see more of the design! We have an extremely experienced Lighting Designer who can help with all your needs and Lighting supply queries.


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Audio Visual Systems

We believe that effective audio-visual systems design is the essential to achieve an outstanding result for our clients.We start with evaluating needs and expectations through to installation and design a cost effective high-performance. solution. We are proud our reputation as an independent systems supplier able to provide the most appropriate technical solution.This is of great benefit for our customers seeking a professional quality system design, installation and support. With such a large variety of equipment available, we select the brands and models most appropriate for the application and installation to achieve a predictable result and the most in reliability for years to come.

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