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Triad now offers 3 versions of our critically acclaimed high-performance SlimSub subwoofers to fit virtually any application, room or location. Driven by the Rackamp 350 DSP, each version delivers the same exceptional power and deep bass from its remarkably compact enclosure.
New InRoom Bronze SlimSub
Taking up little to no floor space, the InRoom Bronze SlimSub is really two subs in one. Standing upright and only 11cm deep, it takes up almost no floor space. When laid down and using the included feet, it becomes a down firing subwoofer that can be hidden under furniture with just 13cm of height clearance. Visible or hidden, you get the same great bass. 
New OnWall Bronze SlimSub
The OnWall Bronze SlimSub, with its included EZ Mount Brackets, is quick and easy to mount on any wall, and protrudes just 11cm into the room. A perfect complement for our OnWall Bronze LCR speakers or any of our sound bar systems.
InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub
With your grill assembly choice of Narrow Frame, Wide Frame or Frameless, the InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub fits flush into the wall for a virtually hidden installation. This is an amazing subwoofer and was a "Top Pick" by Sound and Vision Magazine. 
From Darryl Wilkinson of Sound and Vision:
"Overall, with its customization capabilities, its system- (including two-channel) and automation-friendly design, and its high-end audio performance, the Triad InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub is not only a great subwoofer-one that doesn't need to make excuses for being an in-wall sub-it's a great value, too."
All Triad SlimSubs deliver deep bass at high volumes - achieving a maximum output of 108 dB from 40-80 Hz with bass extension of -3dB at 28 Hz. You also have the option of ordering the SlimSubs in 8 ohm versions and doubling them up on a single RackAmp 350 to get deep, powerful and accurate bass over large listening areas.
Drive Units:
(1) 10" Proprietary aluminum cone woofer.

Amplifiers available: 
RackAmp 350 DSP:  Rack mountable (1 space rack height)
RackAmp 350 DSP for dual sub configurations.

 Brand new DSP BASH technology.
• Compact & efficient - Only 14-1/4” deep; Rack friendly (ears included).
• EnergyStar compliant & energy efficient.
• Low heat generation.
• Five user selectable Preset Modes. (Reference, Cinema, Night, THX, Custom1, Custom2).
• Intuitive Menus.
• Changes are dynamic (hear them in real time) & auto saved.
• In addition to common menu functions, Installer Setup Menu offers:

• Slope adjustments for all filters (6-36 dB/Octave).
• Multiple Control Options:
• 5V – 20V Trigger
    • IR with discrete controls
• Auto-sense
    • Adjustable Trigger Voltage
    • Adjustable Off Delay

• Optimize multiple subs for best performance
    •Input Gain matches levels.
    •Delay time aligns subs together for better impact

Driver impedance 4 ohms
 (8 ohms - dual sub configurations)

2pi Frequency Response:
20 Hz - 250Hz (+/-2dB)


Highly compact, fully braced and sealed cabinet.

Flush Acoustimesh™ metal grill fits flat against the wall.

Designed to be used in stud walls, false walls or custom cabinets with or without using the Acoustimesh™ metal grill.


Grill and frame available in various paint & custom matched finishes
Please note that shipping can take a few weeks, but we aspire to have it on your doorstep as soon as possible for you to enjoy

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